While recently writing a description tag for the diptych I digitally re-created from this original painting, “The Lovers”, I stumbled into a perplexing observation about Love. The effect of separation. In the re-creation, the Lovers are split onto two separate canvases thereby widening the space between their loving gaze. What began as an intimate adoration, suddenly turned into a distant yearning. The feeling of the composition literally changed though the image is essentially the same.

It was so dramatic that I changed the name of the new composition to “Yearning”. I created the original painting as a kind of talisman representing my ideal love relationship~ a mutual intense exchange; a connection that defies conscious understanding, whose communication comes more from an intuitive knowing than what words can express. Well, that’s a pretty tall order, and I confess that my talisman has yet to fulfill its duty, but I still do believe that it is possible, and that it ( that highest form of unconditional love that travels in partnership through lifetimes), and he ( the one who will be drawn to me through time and space like a magnet to metal) exists on this planet.

So that’s why the speculation began.. If “a connection that defies conscious understanding.. yadda yadda..” that travels together through lifetimes is present in Painting #1, then how can it be replaced by an absent longing in Painting #2?

This is a union that penetrates time and space like a heat seeking missile to find the Other! It is always activated, always transmitting, therefore IT ( the Love) is always available regardless of the physical presence of the Other.

Now, certainly at this magnitude, I am not talking about any ordinary Love, not that there is anything wrong with a garden variety romance, or grade A companionship, or even a pleasantly practical partnership. Any love is good love as the song goes, and it is so, and not everyone is prepared for the ‘heat seeking missile”. Apparently there is a warning label attached to this kind of relationship. It seems that something that epic is saddled with some pre-existing conditions.

Being a spiritual seeker as well as a love partner seeker, I have done a little research into the relationship characteristics that I am holding out for, as they (and he) have been elusive for some time. First, does this high standard actually exist?? There are some interesting distinctions revealed about Karmic Relationships, Soul Mates, and Twin Flames, and the unique pattern and purpose each serves. Without going into a study of each, they are all valuable in lessons, they are all intense in a good way and also challenging, and they all may (or may not) have a shelf life.

Circumstances in my life have led me to investigate Twin Flames more extensively as spiritual teachers are predicting shifts in consciousness to create conditions that may allow for more of these encounters than our current paradigm has supported. In essence, Twin Flames share the same soul. The euphoric part is that your hearts literally beat as One, but you live together in a one room apartment which can be comfortingly intimate or ( at times) extremely claustrophobic. The typical pattern for these couples seems to be an incomparable intensity interspersed with periods of separation encouraging extensive opportunities for individual growth.

As I have set my sights on a passionate growth relationship, it appears that I have signed up for the Twin Flame package, but I am the one, remember at the beginning of all this, who felt so deeply the desperation from “The Lovers” being separated! Being apart has never played out well for me in past relationships, and my goodness, how interesting it is that I have experienced that with EVERY guy with whom I have ever been involved! Then add in longer and longer gaps between each one where I have learned to condition myself to being solo. Putting those puzzle pieces together triggered quite an Aha moment while listening to Shelley Young and Gabriel speak on the subject of Twin Flames. Before they could fully address the current statistics of the increasing number of single adults, I had drawn the conclusion that those who were in alignment to receive their Twin Flame would need to endure extended periods of time alone to cultivate their inner self reliance in order to embrace the push/ pull tendencies of this unconventional union. There was a reason for my long term solo status!! By my own design, I had intended a life partner whose process to manifest required me to NOT actually get the lover I was seeking in order to prepare for the one I really wanted! Who knew??!!

Knowing now, however, has given me a greater trust in the process, an understanding of the benefit of timing, and a sense that I can feel that Love right now because it exists fully even without his physical presence. The evolution of my talisman has illuminated the very obstacle that could have energetically stalled the arrival of that which it was designed to bring forth.. it has fulfilled its duty, and I am already growing from this epic relationship.

“The Lovers” and “Yearning”
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