Whether you are interested in a single or family portrait, or to be featured in your own mural, Teri can turn your photographed images into painted works of art. Cherished photos of people, pets or places can be composited into unique personalized masterpieces that can be mounted to hang, or can be pasted directly on a wall. Work with Teri to create your vision, or simply supply the elements, and let the vision come through her.

Essence Portraits

These portraits are an interpretation of the true nature of one’s self; a representation of what is visible as well as what dwells beyond what is ordinarily seen at face value. Though Teri works from photographs, the portraits are not necessarily direct reproductions, but a capturing of the essence of their being.

I hold the image of your painting in my heart and in my mind’s eye and it brings me chills and goose bumps to know you “get me” in the most profound symbolic way!! You’ve captured the essences of my being in your masterpiece and I love you for it! My vocabulary was stunted when I first replied to your inquiry because I was a bit in shock at the impact your painting had on me. After a few weeks I’ve been able to digest and assimilate the incredible energy it possesses – and now that in away from it I can feel its absence!!

Louise Mita

Mandala Portraits

Teri begins the process of creating a Mandala Portrait by using the healing method of Integrative Quantum Medicine to connect with the individual(s) being portrayed. Through guidance received during this energetic reading, Teri receives the symbols, images and messages that are relevant to inspire the subject, perhaps even on a subconscious level. These soul portraits are infused with quantum healing which is intended to activate the connection of the subject to their Highest Self.