“11:11″- I have heard many interpretations on eleven eleven sightings.. ‘make a wish’, ‘new beginning”, “angels are present”, “a message to awaken”.. all promising hopeful possibilities. Of course there is a numerological significance to the master number 11 itself, which is generally associated with intuition, enlightenment, illumination, psychic guidance/ ability, transformation, and a vibrational ethereal link. Double 11 supercharges these conditions!

Since I was made aware of the auspiciousness of 11:11, I have always paid attention to sightings. I notice when a call comes in at that time, or an email is stamped 11:11, or whenever I look at a clock and see that time displayed. It stops me every time. My first thought is ‘New Beginning”. In that moment I am given the expectation of a bright change about to occur, and that instills hope and excitement. That instantaneous ‘reboot’ in consciousness is enough to create miracles whether or not any other mystical forces are at work. The condition of the ‘real world’ buds in the state of our conscious and subconscious mind. What are your thoughts attached too? Are they spinning in a cyclone of negative stress? It only takes a minute to notice that out of control train, and jump off. Two times everyday there is a potential minute where it seems to be extremely common for our collective subconscious, guides, and angels to attract our attention toward a timepiece revealing a secret code to snap out of it! Wake up and remember your connection to the Source of Infinite Possibility. It’s “time” to make your own magic!

“11:11” by Teri Vereb
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