Floating supported in the neutral state of release. Existing in a peace that cannot be affected. Pure Bliss. This is the first painting created from ‘channeling’ Gustav Klimt. From concept through every detail, we communicate. He guides my brush in a style and technique I have never experienced before. Distinct difference is apparent from my previous work before his influence. Endless possibilities.

The Force

These women stand as a force of change and transformation. Armed with the ‘celestial weapons’ of gods and deities, they are Divinely guided to destroy the three worlds (present, history and the flawed mind) in order to forge a blissful world, and to transform the three negative energies (attachment, ignorance, and aversion). United, their varied hues blend into one tone.

The Rebirth of Humanity

Waiting on the World to Change. “What if this darkness is the womb…not dead, but waiting to be born” Valerie Kaur Humans are “incubating” to transform into the violet light of God. “Ripples” in the surface reflect the harmonious vibration of the ‘human droplets’ as described in Martha Beck’s ideal society demonstration. The ideal humans birthing into the ideal society.

Mandala Self Portrait

Mandala Portraits use the healing method of Integrative Quantum Medicine to connect with the individual(s) being portrayed. Through guidance received during this energetic reading, Teri receives the symbols, images and messages that are relevant to inspire the subject, perhaps even on a subconscious level. These soul portraits are infused with quantum healing which is intended to activate the connection of the subject to their Highest Self.

Three Ladies

Three woman, the stories that make them who they are revealed in their faces. What are they showing, what are they withholding? Are they jaded or stronger? The self confidence that remains after all that has been taken away is still presented with grace and dignity. The lady in the bottom corner inspired me so greatly with her subtle seductive power that she has represented me on my business cards for years. Metallic plasters create the vignettes surrounding the Ladies. The canvas is adhered to a wooden board that is mounted to a black plank which runs behind the painting stepping it about 2″ away from the wall.
I welcome you to what feels like the inside of my soul. As I look at my body of work, I see pieces of a self portrait that, when brought together, illustrate the story of me that I didn’t even realize I was telling. Every aspect of myself is represented in these paintings, including the use of Integrative Quantum Medicine, an energetic healing technique. My more recent work combines the healing arts with fine art incorporating elements to inspire the soul on a conscious and subconscious level. I aspire to raise the collective consciousness by touching the hearts, minds, and souls of those with whom I connect, and then experience the rippling effect on a global scale.”

The Making of “Rebirth of Humanity ~ Waiting for the World to Change”

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