Surround yourself and loved ones with delightful views, capture memories in time or live out your imagination.


Glazes and paints can be layered and blended to create luminescent textures on any paintable surface that brings a more elegant look to any space.


Whether you are interested in a single or family portrait, or to be featured in your own mural, Teri can turn your photographed images into painted works of art.


A miraculous concrete micro-topping can transform virtually any old surface into a completely new look without demolishing the existing space.

About Teri

Teri Vereb has been drawing and painting since she was 5 years old. Throughout school she took every art class available, and filled her personal time with candle making, decoupage, macrame and every craft in a box (childhood in the 70s!)

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provide a Bachelor of Fine Arts and exploration in painting, print making,costume design, and ceramics; all of which still play an important role in how she creates interior design for her clients.

Beyond that education, she spent years experimenting with various creative mediums including self taught faux finishing and glazing furniture and walls. Discovering that realistic painting was what sparked her true passion, she began taking classes in Trompe L’oeil which lead her to Italy for a 3 week intensive with masters of ornamental,faux marble,landscape,grotesque, and figure painting.

She continues to investigate new materials to bring the most interesting effects to the homes and businesses she transforms, including the latest ‘miracle’ concrete micro-topping product, E-crete (see her E-crete section for more information).

Teri is an east coast girl residing in Novato, California where she personalizes spaces all over the Bay Area , but her work isn’t limited to northern California with the versatility and endless possibilities of custom canvas murals and reprints. (see her Custom Portrait Mural and Reprint sections)

“Nothing makes me more excited than being able to transform a boring or battered room into an energized customized space that perfectly suits my clients vision and personality.”

Teri M Vereb