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Changing Colors

A painting that represents the merging and integration of soul and spirit guide. Find your inner animal.

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Head Above Water

I painted this last year at a time when I truly felt like I was drowning.I could really feel the sensation of breaking free and breathing. Seeing the image everyday reminded me that I could get back to the surface.

Custom Portraits

My ultimate desire is to capture the essence and the passion of the people that I bring to life on canvas. Getting to know about the person and getting in touch with them through meditation helps something more than just paint come through my brush.

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Key of Hope

Follow Teri's hand and train of thought from the blank canvas to the finished piece of art. Watch the layers of glaze gain depth and give rise to the development of details that define the composition. Helpful painting tips and techniques are shared along the way.

Ecrete Designs

A miraculous concrete micro-topping can transform old tile counters, linoleum floors, fiberglass showers, wooden table tops, and virtually any other surface without demolishing the existing space. Live in a remodeled room in days instead of months!

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